5 wonderful places for watching the sunset in Phu Quoc


5 wonderful places for watching the sunset in Phu Quoc

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If you are looking for a breathtaking sunset, Pearl Island – Phu Quoc Vietnam may be the best place for you to go. The Island is not only famous for tourists thanks to the azure water, unspoiled beaches, but also spectacular landscape and great cuisine. Sit down on a beautiful stretch of white sand, anywhere along the west coast and get ready for one of the best sunsets in Vietnam.

Phu Quoc is where the blue sky meets the sea, this is also the only island in Vietnam where people can watch both sunrise and sunset.  To come to Phu Quoc, you have two options which are by speedboat from Rach Gia or Ha Tien town then after a few hours of sailing you will be in Phu Quoc.  The alternative way is by plane, you need to take a direct flight from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Rach Gia to Phu Quoc airport and begin the journey to watch sunset.

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Sunset on beaches

From the beautiful beaches like Bai Khem, Long Beach…are home to many nature lovers each afternoon. Just walking around the coast, feeling the wind blowing and watching the glowing water surface at the twilight. The sun slowly sinking into the ocean making the horizon lit up.

Bai Sao is one of the most famous among Phu Quoc’s incredible beaches. You can simply stay on Bai Sao’s lovely powdery white sand beach, swimming in its crystal-clear waters, and enjoying a seafood lunch at the local restaurant along its shore.

As the day begins to dawn, the normally busy beach still lays barren. Only the tranquil sounds of the calming sea and birds can be heard, which is occasionally interrupted by the barks of a mischievous Phu Quoc dogs, which play along the shore. You are now in the perfect location to rent a boat to snorkel the coral reefs of the smaller inlet of islands a short distance to the south.

Sunset viewing from Dinh Cau rock via Vietnam tourist

Dinh Cau Rocks

Dinh Cau (Duong Dong town) is a great place to enjoy watching sunset. It’s easy to watch the sunset on beach without worrying about obscuring vision.

Even on the fishing boats of the fishermen, people can watch it over the sea. Enjoying the fantasy view from balcony of your hotel is also a good idea. Enjoy the sunset on the beach in Phu Quoc is one of the pleasures of the tourists coming to Phu Quoc island so don’t fail to miss it.

Ben Tau, Ham Ninh

Located on the eastern coast, a twenty-minute motorbike ride from central Duong Dong lies the fishing village of Ham Ninh. Ham Ninh Fishing Village is one of the oldest and most famous fishing villages not only in Phu Quoc but also in Vietnam. This village attracts tourists by its beautiful scenery and delicious specialty.

Although the village itself is quiet and unassuming, it is the area’s peculiar bridge which draws tourists and photographers alike.

The bridge, which runs through the center of the village creates a perfect symmetry. While the emerging sun, directly above is perfectly calculated and hardly accidental.

Each element, both man-made and natural combine to creating a vista that photographers can only dream of capturing

Phu Quoc sunset via Flickr

Hon Mot/Cau Khi, Bai Thom

For those with an acute sense of adventure, Hon Mot is one of the more unique locals to watch the island’s sunsets. Reminiscent of long protruding fingers, the rickety bridges stretch as far as the eye can see.

Mot islet is in Bai Thom commune located in the northeast of the island of Phu Quoc. There are two roads to get to Mot islet: Either go along Nguyen Trung Truc Street, Duong Dong – Bai Thom or start from Duong Dong to Ham Ninh, then along the red dirt road to get to Mot islet.

We do not need to take the boat to Mot islet because this place is only about 200 meters from the island of Phu Quoc. Previously, you had to walk across the floating road to get therer. Currently, the road is convenient to move thanks to a bridge, but you can still experience the very interesting feeling of walking on the sea. The sea water is very shallow and cool.

Standing upon the bridge, you will bear witness to just how strikingly perfect the composition truly is. The beauty of Ham Ninh only intensifies as the radiating colors shift from red to orange.

As the sun ventures over the horizon, the rays reflect across the surrounding water, creating a mirror-like duality, as if the sky and water has become one.

The illusion gives you a sense that the world is upside-down. Ham Ninh is an absolutely stunning spot for you to begin your day.

The bridges themselves seem like hastily tied together fragments of wooden planks and branches. The only solace is to try and grab a hold of the wooden branches that pose as handrails.

The barely-there bridge gives you an overwhelming sense of floating on air. A truly distinctive way to spend the Phu Quoc nightfall.

sunset viewing from Rory’s beach bar via Vngo

Rory’s Beach Club

Rory’s beach club is one of the most popular beach clubs on Phu Quoc. Grab a cocktail, mocktail, beer or whatever and enjoy your time on Phu Quoc! It’s located at Long Beach which is just outside of Duong Dong (town).

Rory’s Beach Bar is widely regarded as Phu Quoc Island’s quintessential nightlife spot, featuring an impressive drinks list, spacious lounge setting, and unbeatable views of the ocean and surrounding islets. Located in Long Beach, this bar is very popular amongst backpackers looking to unwind after a day of exploring Phu Quoc Island. Featuring colorful lanterns, it’s fitted with a spacious open-air wooden deck housing communal tables, a pool table, several TVs airing sports events, and a well-stocked bar section. There are also plenty of plastic chairs and beach umbrellas right on the beach.

From the beach, you can enjoy red-glowing sun slowly sinking into the ocean.

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