Spending a night in Phu Quoc with the local night market


Spending a night in Phu Quoc with the local night market

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Phu Quoc night market (formerly known as Dinh Cau night market) is a destination in Phu Quoc island. Overall the quality of the service here is not that great, seeing it is just a night market. But if you are looking for some fun, some interesting local delicacies, and most importantly, the fun of blending into hundreds of people, then by all mean do not skip this place when visiting this heavenly island.

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❖ Some information about Phu Quoc Night Market

The stall in Phu Quoc night market @ Rental car Vietnam
  • Name: Phu Quoc Night Market (another name: Bach Dang night market, former name of Dinh Cau Night Market)
  • Location and History:
  • Dinh Cau Night Market was established and put into operation in September 2007, located on Vo Thi Sau street leading to Dinh Cau scenery and right in front of the fence of the district office.
  • Due to inadequate investment, especially waste and wastewater collection system, this market has caused a loss of beauty and environmental sanitation over time.
  • In November 2016, the People’s Committee of Phu Quoc district (Kien Giang province) officially declared the Dinh Cau night market to be merged with Bach Dang night market into a market called Phu Quoc Night Market.
  • With a larger scale and more spacious investment, Phu Quoc Night Market is not only gradually replacing Dinh Cau night market which has been familiar for nearly 10 years but also created a new face for Phu Quoc.
  • The market only operates in the evening, most fun from 19h to 23h.
  • The market is not overpriced, very hospitable, the atmosphere is very happy.

Ask people or taxi drivers in Duong Dong and they will know this market.

  • You should rent hotels, Phu Quoc resort on Tran Hung Dao street, 30 -4, Bach Dang … for an easily walk to the market.

❖ Phu Quoc Seafood Market

  • A range of food and beverage outlets, beautifully presented and fresh (both live and ice-cream). The price is also reasonable.

  • Any dish is ready to serve right away, you just need to order. The guests are served with clean tables and chairs, clean seafood and street food.

❖ Street dishes that you should try in Phu Quoc night market

The food in the market @ Vietnam Culture Tours

In addition to seafood, international tourists are also curious to buy and enjoy local specialties:

  • Thai Spice Roll, 20k mixed fruit flavors of your choice, molding you 5 minutes with ice cream right. Nearly all the tea is full of grapefruit tea, cold tea, Thai tea, mixed tea, black bean tea, green beans … especially ginseng tea from the sea up.
  • The sale of grilled banana for 3 000 VND, banana pancakes for 7 000 VND, Grilled corn onion cost 8,000 VND per fruit, then there are also jackfruits, and sweet potatoes….
  • Silk candy: In addition to seafood, silk candy is just a dense appearance in Phu Quoc night market. Candy consists only of a piece of candy that is won from the color-removing sugar (green, yellow, orange …), odor, with coconut fiber, thin rice paper. Some candy cost only VND10,000-15,000.
  • Grilled pancake cake costs VND15,000.
  • Garlic bread is priced at VND10,000 per piece.
  • Coconut ice cream: You can try before you decide to buy. Partial price of ice cream (2 capsules, half of the coconut) is 40,000 VND.
  • 30 flavors peanut: There are two restaurants, French owners are directly introduced to visitors in Phu Quoc night market. Visit the booth, you will be witnessed production process, invited to try before buying. The peanuts are sold in boxes and cost 30,000 VND depending on size.
  • Grilled rolls: If you buy, the seller sprinkles little sauce on the rolls for you to enjoy. This dish does not include sour or bread. The price of a spring roll is 15,000 VND.
  • Grilled whole chicken or grilled chicken leg is 250,000 VND per person, 40,000 VND per one thigh.
  • Grilled skewered vegetables cost 15k per skewers. This dish is often sold with other baked goods.
  • Octopus is priced at 30,000 VND per box (5 units). This dish is sold with mayonnaise and some dried torn fish.

❖ Souvenirs at Phu Quoc Night Market

Phu Quoc pearl @ City Pass Guide

✓ You can go to Phu Quoc night market to buy fresh seafood, dried fish, dried squid, specialties such as wine algae, alcoholic mushrooms, medicinal wine is soaked from pineapple and wild berries and Ham Ning famous jewelry, which are pearls.

❖ Changes in Phu Quoc night market

✓ After many years of business in Dinh Cau night market – the restriction on infrastructure in this market has many embarrassing occasions: In the past in Dinh Cau night market (the old market), the wastewater is discharged straight out the sea. The market has nearly 70 booths and thousands of visitors per night, but only a mobile toilet, often overloaded, causing many visitors to wait in lines.

✓ Phu Quoc Night Market (originally Bach Dang Night Market) is located on the corridor of Bach Dang Street, running along the Duong Dong River, which now has a complete collection and treatment system for wastewater. All types of wastewater from food processing to vegetable washing, dishwashing must be collected into the treatment system. Only water from glass tanks showing new seafood is discharged into the common sewer. Waste is also managed more strictly. The waiters, when caught dumping the trash into the sea, were corrected immediately.

Many spacious and free private toilets for visitors at the Phu Quoc night market are built. The investors are also building more toilets on Nguyen An Ninh Road to increase the ability to serve tourists at peak year.

Hopefully, you will enjoy your time in Phu Quoc island. Coming to Phu Quoc, it is necessary to visit this market at least because the food here is quite amazing. The fun of Phu Quoc night market is also impressive, and this will surely attract far more visitors in the near future.

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