If you are looking for a breathtaking sunset, Pearl Island – Phu Quoc Vietnam may be the best place for you to go. The Island is not only famous for tourists thanks to the azure water, unspoiled beaches, but also spectacular landscape and great cuisine. Sit down on a beautiful stretch of white sand, anywhere along the west coast and get ready for one of the best sunsets in Vietnam.

Phu Quoc is where the blue sky meets the sea, this is also the only island in Vietnam where people can watch both sunrise and sunset.  To come to Phu Quoc, you have two options which are by speedboat from Rach Gia or Ha Tien town then after a few hours of sailing you will be in Phu Quoc.  The alternative way is by plane, you need to take a direct flight from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Rach Gia to Phu Quoc airport and begin the journey to watch sunset. Continue reading


Phu Quoc night market (formerly known as Dinh Cau night market) is a destination in Phu Quoc island. Overall the quality of the service here is not that great, seeing it is just a night market. But if you are looking for some fun, some interesting local delicacies, and most importantly, the fun of blending into hundreds of people, then by all mean do not skip this place when visiting this heavenly island.
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List of 10 best Phu Quoc restaurants - via Asia Travel Agency

Enjoying seafood and local specialties is a popular and must-try thing to do on Phu Quoc Island. Phu Quoc today offers many restaurants and eateries for tourists to choose; however, not all of them are good at serving tasty food and service. So, if you still wonder about where to eat on the Phu Quoc Island, the list of 10 best restaurants below will be an ideal suggestion for you.

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Phu Quoc is famous for not only beautiful beaches with beautiful golden sand in Bai Dai (Long Beach), sparkling white sand in Sao Beach with fresh sea breezes, but also many delicious seafood dishes. If you have the opportunity to travel to Phu Quoc, you should visit Phu Quoc night market, Duong Dong town center, along 30/4 road … to enjoy the exciting seafood dishes.

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Phu Quoc has long been a must-visit attraction for international tourists when visiting Vietnam. It’s quiet, peaceful, and a heaven to get away from the hustle and bustle life. But besides the beautiful white beaches, Phu Quoc attracts tourists by its solitude is the food. In Phu Quoc, they also have some amazing cuisine that is found nowhere else, so don’t forget to try these dishes and prepare to be amazed. Continue reading


Coming to Phu Quoc, do not forget to visit these destinations as they are one of the most popular destinations in the Pearl Island of Vietnam. It is recommended that you experience them at least once. Also, do not forget to bring cameras because this is most beautiful and photogenic destinations in all Asia. Continue reading


When talking about the strange delicious specialties at Phu Quoc island tourists often think of the famous seafood such as sea urchin, nhong fish, sea crab and unique agricultural and forestry products such as pepper, sim wine, etc. A part from that, a can’t-miss fruit is Thanh Ca mango which is grew widely in Phu Quoc.

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